About a re.styled life



Lilli is a joy-seeker and a donut-lover. She laughs freely and reads Harry Potter annually. When she's not working on ARL or saving lives in the ICU, you can catch her at the beach in her Lake Michigan town, drinking iced coffee with her husband,  Josh. Lilli is passionate about affirming and encouraging the people she meets, and strives to inspire women who are yearning for a more purposeful and intentional life



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Holly is a photographer, a creative, a lover of all things denim. When she's not behind the lens, you can find her at a local coffee shop with an Americano, browsing the aisles of Target for a steal, or chilling in her favorite velvet chair discovering new music. Holly loves creating photos that inspire us to find beauty in the everyday. She has a passion for encouraging women to grow in contentment for who they are and what they have.



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