Fangirl Friday


A shiny marble table, a sprinkled ice cream cone, and a notebook quickly filling with ideas. This is where Fangirl Friday was born.


Having both grown up with sisters, the two of us are used to sharing-- sharing clothes, sharing recipes, sharing ideas and just general things that we love. We're also enthusiastic; we love to love, and we adore getting others on board with what we feel passionate about.


So out of this combination of personality traits came the idea for a weekly blog post in which we could share with your lovely selves things that we're enthusiastic about. Things like recipes that we've tried and triumphed with, or our favorite new album release, or successful beauty tips we've discovered.


All things that we excitedly can't stop talking about, all things that we feel YOU'LL love too, and will make your life better:)


So without further ado...

We are LOVING this podcast, by one of our most inspiring women, Jenna Kutcher. If you're looking for motivation and inspiration from an authentic, funny, female entrepreneur, this one's for you!

We both have been into scrunchies lately. Not only are we happy to bring a little piece of the 90's back, but we also think they're a fun, everyday hair accessory that doubles as a cute bracelet. 

If you're in the market for wall art, Jenessa Wait hand-scripts beautiful messages of encouragement. Lilli just bought one for her living room photo shelf! Holly has one of her prints hanging in her bedroom!


Check back every Friday for more Fangirl fun! We love loving and we love that we get to share that with you!



holl & lil