Fangirl Friday


Happy Friday, sweet friends! We’ve got another round of fangirl favorites to share with you!


This week, we’re loving all things Aerie! They are a brand we’ve been into for clothes, swim-ware and accessories, and also for the heart behind their brand. They’re all about promoting real women— about showcasing the curves and marks we all have, about recognizing the beauty in being REAL. Not only do they keep their authenticity by photographing models of all sizes and looks, but they also have a no re-touching policy. All their photographs are true to real life. They want women feel beautiful in the clothes they make, but they also want to help women feel beautiful in their own skin. By showing their customers that all sizes are important, that all women are beautiful in real life, they are able to make a statement that matters so much more than clothing. 



If you haven’t checked them out lately, give them a look! We’ve both purchased swimsuits from them this season and can’t recommend them enough! We love sharing brands with you that we love wearing; we love it even more when a brand has a message that's worth sharing.


The message of encouragement and inspiration to love your body, that you're beautiful just as you are— that's something that resonates so deeply with us, that we want to remind every girl we meet. The real you is so gorgeous, friend! Rock that body this summer like you believe it’s true.



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