Fangirl Friday


It’s Friday! Throw your hands up, give a shout, raise a glass! Celebrate, friend, you made it through another week. And now that you’ve got a glass (hopefully filled with something sparkling), sit back and enjoy what we’ve been fangirl-ing over this week!


We have been trying more natural-based cleaning and laundry products lately, and one product that has made its way into our everyday use are these Grab Green Stoneworks Natural Laundry Detergent Powder Pods. Natural laundry products tend to have little to no scent, leaving us without that fresh, clean feeling we love. But not these pods! While they are made with naturally-derived ingredients and a non-toxic formula (phosphate, chlorine & dye free), they still have a wonderful smell through the whole cleaning process. LOVE. We would highly recommend the Rose Petal scent (light & floral) and the Birch Branch (warm & earthy).


While we're on the topic of scents, let us tell you about a candle company we are fangirl-ing over. P. F. Candle Co. is their name, and they hand pour their own candles into darling apothecary-inspired amber jars. Their candles are phthalate free, 100% natural soy (something that really we love about them). They have 4 wonderful scent collections-- Woods, Fresh, Botanical, and Spice. Can you say yum?? Our two favorite candles of theirs are NO. 04: TEAKWOOD & TOBACCO and NO. 21: GOLDEN COAST. Check them out for a timeless, delicious scent.


One more item we've been loving this week are simple sandals, but with a fun touch-- like a pop of color or a little fringe.  They can be dressed up or down seamlessly, and you know we are all about that casual chic vibe. Also, we love Target (duh).


Thanks so much for stopping by on a Friday! We love hanging with you, we love sharing with you. We're forever fangirl-ing over you, ARL fam!



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