How to Dress Your Refrigerator to the Nines



Tired of your plain-Jane refrigerator ruining your thoughtful kitchen aesthetic?

Look no further: I have a grand solution!


I originally saw this concept brought to life here by a lovely, MCM blogger. (I didn't realize she linked her temporary wallpaper til today- it's from Target and it's only $30. A really cute option if blue fits in your color palette!) I wanted to do something similar in my kitchen, but forgot about it until I saw a shimmery roll of gold wrapping paper while standing in line at Marshall's. (They ALWAYS get me with their "last-minute purchase" goodies)


If you're a Monica-type perfectionist, I would recommend either using a peel and stick wall paper, or a tape roller that you can use more precisely. We're renting, so I couldn't use a tape roller (permanent). I opted instead to use regular ol' scotch tape and just wrapped it into double sided tape. This imprecise method left me with air bubbles, but since I'm more of a Phoebe in areas like these, I didn't care :)


I really love how it warms up the space, and adds a little metallic glow.


If you're tired of staring at the side of your fridge, like I was, give this idea a try! Let us see how yours turns out in the comments below. Happy Dress-Up!


Xo holl & lil