Give Me All the Plants: Our Guide to Decorating with Greenery


Decorating with flowers, plants, and all things green has grown into a love of ours over the past few years. We’ve bought big plants and small plants, real ones and fakes, helped some flourish, and unknowingly helped some to their deaths (we’re still working on that whole green thumb thing). While we are nowhere near being experts, we’ve gathered a few tips from our plant experiences and would love to share them with you!


1. Don’t be afraid to mix and match real with fake. One of our secret decorating go-to’s when it comes to house plants, is that we don’t only have real plants! We’ve found that a fake plant is sometimes just what you need. Maybe you have the perfect corner spot, but it doesn’t get enough sun. Or you want a flourishing floor plant, but you have a cat who has been known to bite away at them. Or maybe you want your home to be overflowing with greenery (honestly, who doesn’t?) but you won’t be able to keep up with all their maintenance. These are the times to call in for a faux plant. We recommend going for the ones that look and feel as real as possible. And when they’re scattered throughout your house along with the real ones, you and your guests will never know the difference. Hobby Lobby, Target, and Home Goods have been some of our favorite places to find real-lookalikes that we love.



2. Cute planters, pots, and plant stands are everything. Yes, of course keeping your plant alive is top priority, but adding another touch like a gold plant stand or your favorite color planter really makes a difference. It creates a style statement with your greenery, giving it a place amongst your other decor.



3. If you aren’t sure what your plant likes, water less instead of more. We have found that our tendency is to water our plants too much at once, or too often. It is generally better for the soil to be almost dry or a little damp when a plant is given a drink, so let those guys air out for a few days before you check them again!



4. Try a variety of plants to see what works best for you! Not all of us are going to be able to keep a darling Majesty Palm alive, not all of us will have the space to hang a lovely vine of a Golden Pothos. Sometimes that magic happens where you find the perfect plant without even trying, and sometimes prepping before you shop can decrease the stress of finding a plant that’s just right. Take note of the lighting conditions in your home, make a budget for plant spending, and do a little research for the kinds of greenery that would fit your style.



5. Be open to experimentation and even a little failure. We used to only be able to keep succulents alive, but now have added several other plants to our collection. If you’re hesitant about house plants because you think you don’t have a knack for it, buy a low-maintenance, inexpensive one to start out! Don’t give up your dream of being a crazy plant lady just yet. If we can keep a plant or two alive, so can you, friend!


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