Our Balcony Reveal!



It's mid-July, so I'm a little late in revealing our re-styled balcony--but better late than never!

Josh and I moved into this apartment in September of last year, so we left the balcony bare because...well, Wisconsin winters come on fast and strong. 

Since restyling this spring, I have sat out on our balcony almost every single day. I can't overemphasize how special it is to have a cozy outdoor space all to ourselves, especially after living in Chicago, the concrete jungle, for a year and not even having an outdoor porch.


The main issue I was tackling in styling the balcony was lack of privacy. Though Port Washington is a small town, we live in the corner house, and our balcony hovers right over a main street. I wanted to use plants to shield us from the curious eyes of passersby. 


Cue the two-level planter from Wayfair! I love that it offers twice the coverage, and since it is two-tiered, it functions well as an herb garden in which half the herbs need full sun (top shelf) and half need part-shade (lower shelf). I waited for it go on sale, dragged my feet til the color white was sold out, then bought the gray and had to paint it white. It's like I never learn...


Can we talk outdoor rugs for a moment? I did a LOT of research before landing on this Amazon rug. I envisioned black and white, and was looking at some more expensive ones from Target, but ended up buying this one instead. Still, $50 seemed outrageous to pay for a small rug, but I'm so happy with it because it's made from recycled plastic and it has the smoothest, most pleasing texture on bare feet. (Is that weird? Since I'm always barefoot in summer, this seemed like a priority.)


Lastly, I bought plastic Adirondack chairs from home depot at the end of last summer clearance (in bright, aqua blue--help!) I painted those white and put one in the corner of the balcony. I also found a fake palm at a thrift store (is this a no judgement zone? Because I have killed too many palms to keep buying real ones. Who tries to grow exotic plants in Wisconsin anyway...) and paired it with a woven basket from Marshalls. 


That about wraps it up! Have any of you lovely readers updated or restyled an outdoor space? We'd love to hear how it went for you!



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