Decorating a Guest Room in Under $100


Decorating on a budget 101: don't be afraid to thrift.

If you're reading this and you're unapologetically opposed to thrifting--just grossed out, outrageously appalled by the very thought--I would have to warn you that you're time will be wasted if you proceed in perusing this post. Because thrifting? Yeah, I'm about that life.

And I know that not all thrift stores are created equal, and obviously there's different gems to be discovered in each one, but that's the beauty of it, right? So here I am today to hopefully inspire you to get out there and see what you can find. I will also include some budget-friendly online buys that won't make your credit card groan.


Bed: FREE | When we moved in, the only furniture we had for the guest room was this little twin bed. It's the bottom of a trundle, with an old metal frame, no headboard. Nothing too fancy, but thanks Hannah and Steve none the less for your donation! (*Pro tip* Ask family/friends if they have extra furniture they're planning on getting rid of. Be THAT scrounging sister. If you don't ask, you're guaranteed not to receive).

Arm chair: $12 | I thrifted this pretty much as soon as we moved to Wisconsin. It was soon followed by another two chair-friends ...Josh is ever so patient with me;)

Side table: $3 | Again, thrifted. I was looking online for a while for a table like this one. I'm so glad I waited, because all this table required was a coat of white paint on the surface and bam, saved myself a lot of money.

Velvet bench: $8 | Thrifted. (Are you seeing a trend here? Anyone in the Wisconsin area, I find my gems at St. Vincent Thrift Store! I know it's a chain- there might be one near you!)


Shelf: FREE | Stolen with permission from my mother. (Thanks, mom!) I knew I needed something on the wall above the bed in lieu of a headboard, and this was free. I might consider making a shelf in a more MCM style, versus this traditional one, but this was a great alternative in the meantime.

Linens: $24 and $14 on Amazon | I picked out this duvet cover set because hello, all the reviews raved about its softness! And it is ULTRA soft. I also love this microfiber sheet set with its understated design.


Curtains: $15 from Marshalls | The package was damaged on these bad boys so I got them for almost half off. Discounting for "damage" is a common practice at many stores, so make sure you comb through the clearance bins! Anyways, the pom poms on these are the cutest.

Black + White Pillow case: $1.60 from Amazon | Yeah, I almost feel bad that this is so cheap...I hope nobody was mistreated in the making :?

Macramé Pillow: FREE | Well this beautiful pillow from World Market was actually a birthday gift so... kind of a cheap shot (it actually costs $35), but I linked it as a gift to you guys so there! That makes up for it.

Artwork: FREE | I actually cut out the art work from an old calendar I loved, and stuck the pages side by side in a large IKEA poster frame I've had since college (and who says IKEA products don't last). Copper print of London was thrifted.

Copper lamp: $18 | From IKEA but 2 years old. It's similar to this one, so we'll give it the same price tag.

So we'll round up and what does that bring us to? $96? (Josh isn't around to check my math so hopefully that's about right).


The moral of the story is, guys, let's get creative about decorating within a budget! To me, the constraints of a budget make decorating more fun because it forces me to think outside the box, DIY, and thrift/re-use/recycle. Necessity is the mother of invention after all. In addition to being expensive, it would also be plain boring to just buy every single West Elm piece and throw them in my house like a catalog. 

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?


We'd love to see your best budget finds/creations- share them below!


Xo, holl + lil