How to Give Old Furniture a Quick & Easy Face Lift


When it comes to restyling furniture, a thrifty, DIY savvy lady such as yourself has three best friends: paint, hardware, and shelf paper. Remember this, young grasshopper.

My elder sis and I stumbled across some 'gently-used' cabinets at our neighborhood garage sale a few weeks ago. Now they had definitely seen better days, but at $3 a pop, why not give 'em a chance?

There's a small space in our bathroom that was once home to a bleh IKEA plastic shelf. The shelf was overflowing with a waterfall of cosmetics/products/hair dryers, all out there in the open, quite a sore sight. I envisioned using the cabinet in lieu of the shelf, hopefully providing some privacy to our intimate bathroom accessories. 

I turned first to my trusty chalk paint (in case you're new to my projects, I'm the laziest sander so I ALWAYS opt for chalk paint when possible); I chose white as my bathroom's blue/gray walls beg for neutral accompaniment. I removed the wooden knob and got to work. 


Two coats later, I was finished and ready for Step 2- Operation Shelf Paper. I had some wrapping paper leftover from my recent kitchen project so I fitted a piece to the top shelf, then traced and cut out three more pieces. If this cabinet was going to hold products that might get wet, or had no door and was exposed to shower steam, I would have chosen something more resilient and water-proofed to line the shelves.

Note: I had been gifted these straw baskets by my sister a while back; it was just great luck that they fit so perfectly on the shelves! 

Moving on to Step 3: Hardware. I searched World Market first, because they usually have inexpensive hardware. But not wanting to pay high shipping costs, I ended up going with this one from Amazon. I only used 1 of the 4 knobs so I'll be considering future projects in which to use the leftovers... I love how this knob really upgrades the face of the cabinet.

I added a [fake] plant and a vintage mirror tray, and of course, my favorite Mrs. Meyer's lotion in Geranium, to round out the look. 

And voila! There you have it. Hopefully this was inspiring to you! This project cost $15 total (and that includes the knobs I didn't use). Never underestimate the power of simple cosmetic tools.  Do you have any furniture before-and-afters to share? We'd love to see!

xo, holl & lil

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