How to Create an Inviting Living Room Space in 5 Easy Steps (feat. our living room reveal!)

The living room. It's where the magic happens, folks. 

Families cozied up on the sofa, watching movies. Friends gathered together, playing raucous games of charades. Girls nights, when gals sit cross-legged on the floor, knee to knee, eating cookie dough and watching chick flicks.

This space just might qualify as the most important in the home--because it gives birth to the sweetest memories. So let's chat about what we can do to make this special room as warm and inviting as can be. Along the way, I'll be revealing my own living room for the first time! Let's dive in, friends!

Step 1: Orientation

Direct your furniture so it opens up towards the entry way- this is the easiest way to create a welcoming environment and beckon your guests in. If you must face the back of your sofa to the entryway due to spatial constraints, try placing an end table behind it with a vase of flowers, and toss a warm-toned throw blanket on the back of the sofa to make it more inviting. Round out corners of the room by turning your furniture diagonally inward, like my teal end table.


Step 2: Choose a color pallet.

Don't stress about this step! It'll happen organically. My pallet is teal, chartreuse, and blush pink, with royal blue as a contrast, and tan as a neutral. But I didn't decide this based off of some Pinterest mood board. It happened naturally. My small, chartreuse, retro love seat was a hand-me-down that I adored, so I knew I needed to choose a pallet around it. Next, my sister found me a teal MCM end table at Marshalls (she's always looking out for her 60s-loving little sis:), so I then added teal to my color scheme. Blush happened when I decided to paint our coffee table light pink. And the royal blue in our velvet Wayfair sofa became the bold pop of contrast because well... I loved the sofa and it was only $300! 

Step 3: Add a rug. 

If you're fortunate enough to have hard-wood floors, then GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL! But for the not-so-lucky of us with carpeting, we still can (and should) layer our carpet with a decorative rug. It brings texture and color to a room, and cozies it up. I have a lot of bright colors and bold patterns in my décor, so I chose a very neutral jute rug. But if you have more neutral-toned furniture and décor, use your rug as an opportunity to make a bold statement!

Step 4: Frame it.

If you want to take your living room from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming, wall art is crucial. I adore my piece by Jenessa Wait. (Pro-tip: check Michael's for poster frames. They're almost always on sale and much cheaper than having the prints framed by the art vendor.) I'm blessed to have an expansive wall space above my sofa. I played around with a few different ideas but ended up asking my dad, a gifted woodworker, to help me make a photo shelf. Safe to say, it turned out beautifully.

I love the idea of a photo shelf because it's very easy to switch out your art whenever you want a change. I am still building my collection, and right now, most of the pieces on the shelf are filler/stand ins. (Although before I sat down to write this, I ordered two MCM prints from this amazing Etsy seller. I can't wait til they arrive!)

Another pro-tip: for cozy vibes, opt for lamp light instead of over-head light. Even if your fixture has incandescent bulbs (please never ever let a fluorescent light be turned on in your home!! It would break my heart!), that bright light from above is more harsh than soft, lateral, lamp-light glow.


Step 5: Throw on the throw pillows.

Pick colors from your pallet, or experiment with contrasting colors. Choose different patterns and textures. Keep at least 2-3 pillows on each sofa. (Note: my red-orange velvet pillow doesn't fit my theme so it is in the process of being replaced- unfortunately, it's the softest pillow in the world and will be dearly missed. I'm considering this replacement. (From Target- 30% off through Tuesday!)


We hope these quick, easy steps will help you to transform your living room into a space where you will make your most beautiful memories. What is your living room's color pallet or décor style? Let us know in the comments below!

xo, holl & lil

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