Throw Pillow Round Up! The Cutest B&W Throw Pillows for Under $20 Each

I don't know about you, but I'm a throw-pillow junkie. They are powerful things for being so small and squishy. They can make a living room more cozy, cohesive and coordinated. And they're basically pieces of art work that you can stuff your face in. 

I think I can rest my case. Throw pillows are an essential.

Here I've rounded up some of the cutest black & white pillows I've seen online, all for less than $20 each. For my bargainistas out there who, like myself, couldn't imagine "throwing" away their life savings for a pillow (pun not intended but I'm definitely happy it happened :). 

Why black and white? I love the modern appeal of this color scheme, and how it can be paired with brightly colored sofas and walls for a more neutral contrast.

I could do an additional post rounding up the best pillow covers online, each for less than $10 a piece, for those of you who already have pillows on hand that need a refresh. Comment below and let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that!

Left to Right, Starting from Top Left: 

B&W Block, B&W Grid, White Grid, Tribe, 

Geometric Jacquard,    White Velvet,  Lumbar Tribal,  White & Black Quilted

xo, holl & lil

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