Furnish Your Patio without Breaking the Bank

Do you have an outdoor space that you're dying to cozy-up? Are you believing the lie that you can't afford to do it based on the extravagantly inflated prices of patio furniture you've seen in stores this summer?

Well don't believe it any longer! Because I'm going to show you just how I furnished our patio in a manner that two broke, young people (me and my other half) could afford.

Step 1: Check for crazy good patio furniture sales towards the end of the summer. Off season is your time to shine! Bonus points for buying pieces in off-kilter colors. I got my plastic Adirondak chairs from Home Depot last September for maybe $8 each? Off season and they happened to be bright turquoise. Painted those babies white and presto, I loved them! FYI, plastic Adirondak chairs are more comfortable and much lighter-weight than their expensive, wooden alter-egos. I highly recommend. 


Step 2: Umbrella + umbrella stand + table.

Now I'm young and inexperienced and had no idea that this was going to be a packaged deal. I first found this umbrella (which is sold-out but here's the same one in a different pattern), then AFTER I ordered it I realized I would need something to stand it up in. Then I bought this table because I thought that would hold it up (seriously, I lack the average person's portion of logic). Then I finally put together that umbrellas need umbrella STANDS. And these get expensive! So I did my research to make sure this one I found on Amazon would actually be heavy enough to help my umbrella stand tall. (I'm happy to report that my umbrella has never blown over, not even once.)


Step 3: Decorate with an outdoor rug that you scavenge from a dumpster with your sister, a pot you paint white and fill with fresh thyme, and tiki torches you bought at Aldi for a few bucks each.

True story about the outdoor rug- I think God lovingly tucked it in the garbage for me to find, as a little surprise.

By the way, our landlords recently painted our house YELLOW YELLOW so you'll notice I stuck with a very white, neutral color pallet for the décor.

And side note, I bought that 3-burner gas grill at Walmart for $100 and they put it together for us for free. I don't think a better deal exists.

As always, we hope to inspire you to get out there, find the great deals, and make your house into a home--a home for laughing, for making memories, and for enjoying margaritas on the back patio in the summer heat.

xo, holl & lil

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