Lil's Christmas Home Tour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not just a song lyric, a true description of this happy, festive season. Over the past couple years, I have continued to build my collection of Christmas décor. A Santa mug here, a bottle brush tree there—just like that I have managed to gather a trove of Christmas treasures that bring much joy to unpack come post-Thanksgiving.

I wish I could welcome each and every one of you into my apartment for a visit this season. We’d toast frosty glasses of eggnog and exchange Christmas cookies and all would be well. (The invitation is open to you, dear reader). But since that is not likely to occur, sadly, I invite you to join me in a tour of my Christmas home! May it inspire creativity and all the feels :)

This year, a natural, evergreen themed tablescape. The thrift store is a wonderful place to find loose artificial branches, and Walmart had a collection of lovely bottle brush tress this season for very cheap.

A manger scene I scored at a thrift store! (My proudest moment in my thrifting career, NBD)
This year I displayed our Christmas cards on twine. I used Christmas Washi tape to secure the cards to the red + white twine.

Welcome to our living room! Here there is always a balsam candle burning, and Christmas carols serenading.

For this center piece, I artfully tossed some ornaments (10 for $1 at Dollar Tree) on a tray. The trick is to make them appear as though they are casually falling out of the bowl…

And back into the dining room! This is my reading/record-listening nook. It has a vintage vibe that I can’t get enough of. Hot cocoa and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas on vinyl anyone?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few that has a fireplace and mantel in your home—i’m happy for you! But if you’re not, consider hanging your stockings in the window. They cast a beautiful silhouette in the afternoon light :)

Wishing you a Christmas full of joy, peace, and lots of snuggling. And don’t forget the Tollhouse cookie dough :)


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