How to Make the Smoothie Bowl of Your Dreams



Smoothies have been one of my favorite frozen drinks to make for the longest time. Not only are they refreshing, sweet, and usually the most lovely color, but they are an easy way to load some fruits and vegetables into a perfectly blended treat. 


I remember being a little skeptical when I heard of the latest take on a smoothie. Put it in a bowl, throw some coconut on top, and eat it with a spoon?.. I really didn’t think a classically, creamy strawberry banana smoothie with a straw could be improved upon, but I decided to test it out for myself because, well, I couldn’t resist their instagram-able look.


I made a simple smoothie— a frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, coconut milk, water, and blended it. I added extra ice for thickness. Once I liked the consistency, I put it in a deep bowl and pulled out some toppings.



Coconut chips, chia seeds, and a sliced banana were my choice. The mix of the crunchy and smooth textures made it feel more like a snack, not just a blended drink with a spoon. I loved the added taste of the coconut and chia seeds, and the sliced banana on top reminded me of an almost-icecream-sundae type of feeling. It filled me up and gave me energy throughout the rest of the afternoon. I was happy to decide that it was more than picture worthy, it was worthy of eating too. 


After that first smoothie bowl experience, I’ve made several more and have become quite the smoothie bowl fan, you might say.



Here’s a few tips on how to make the smoothie bowl of your dreams.

  • Prep your toppings before you blend your smoothie. Smoothies melt rather quickly, and you do (of course) need to give yourself some time to snap a pretty pic before you eat it. 
  • Make the smoothie thicker than you normally would. You are eating it this time, so it doesn’t need to be able to slide through a straw.
  • When you’re adding the toppings to your bowl, keep enough space between the edge of the bowl and your toppings— so the smoothie color shows through.
  • Test out new toppings, that’s half the fun! Other toppings to consider are nuts, fresh berries, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, and granola. Or even edible flower petals (definitely next on my list to try)!   


Let us know what smoothie bowl creations you’ve made, and how they turned out for you! Cheers, friends! 


Xo, holl + lil