Add a Touch of Jewelry



I’m a pretty simple girl in terms of style. I love jeans, tees and v-necks, long sweaters, and the kinds of pieces that work well with anything. I might wear the occasional floral print or fun sleeved top, but the usual every-day look is a casual one for me. It feels true to who I am and I like it.



But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the idea of dressing up my relaxed feel. Lately I’ve been adding small bits of jewelry to my outfit for this reason.



A bold ring, a dainty bracelet, a short gold necklace, even a cute scrunchie will do the trick. It makes my outfit feel more pieced together, more complete. And to a gal who doesn’t wear jewelry all that often, it was more fun than I thought it would be!




Do you have a classically casual style like me? We would love to hear some of the ways you’ve dressed up your look, with jewelry ideas or others!



holl & lil