The Key to Growing in Contentment For Who You Are and What You Have



Though some days it comes more easily than others, every day it is a choice to pursue contentment. “To be free from care because of satisfaction with what is already one’s own; freedom from restlessness” —that's the power of contentment, there’s a freedom in it. How cool it would be to be free of care because I feel at peace with what I have and with who I am...


That doesn’t mean we can’t hope for things in our lives to be different or that we should stop learning to grow and be better. Contentment acknowledges the imperfections of a situation, but chooses to focus its attention on the good that is already there. Contentment makes the most of what it has— it makes something good out of what it has. 



Contentment is a choice, a mindset, a habit. And like all good habits, it needs to be practiced regularly to become a part of one's lifestyle. But how do we get into the mindset of contentment?


The key to being content is in realizing that no matter how much you gain in this life, it will never fulfill you. More money, more beauty, more clothes, better figure, better resume, better instagram… Contentment knows that more and better do not make life worth more. 



In a world where we are constantly surrounded by media telling us what we need, it can be hard to be happy with what we have. We see the trendy outfits of those we follow on instagram, we crave their lovely figure, personality, or life, and we don’t see how we could possibly be happy with who we are. 


We need to remember that comparison is not the friend of contentment. We can’t be content in who we are when we are comparing ourselves to someone else. But the good news is, contentment is more powerful than the feelings that comparison brings. Contentment recognizes and appreciates the beauty in someone else without wanting it as its own. It knows how to celebrate the beauty and success of others without being jealous of it. Contentment knows that you have your own beauty, your own strengths, your own one-of-a-kind personality. It understands self worth. It knows that you were made beautiful and loved and worthy just as you are. 


So when your mind starts to focus on the imperfections of your life, on the imperfections of yourself, don’t give in. When you notice your thoughts drifting to comparison, stop, think about all the good things instead. Think about how much you’ve been given in this world. Think about how you are perfectly loved through your imperfections. 



Contentment flows from the acknowledgment of the gifts we’ve been given, in our lives and within ourselves. When we choose to think about the abundance of good we have, we allow more room in our hearts for contentment to grow. We gain freedom from the weight of needing to be more, to do more, to get more.  


And without even trying, contentment is contagious. People who are happy with what they already have, who make the most of the situations they’re in, who are confident in who they were made to be— these are people that inspire. Don’t we all want to be a person with a contagious and inspiring attitude towards life? I know I sure do.


Does this resonate with you, friend? Comment below if you feel the same!



holl & lil