Two Skincare Products That You'll Never Want to Stop Using



Happy ARL Tuesday, lovelies!


Raise your hand if you have any staple personal care items that you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT- you know, that trusty curl cream, always-on-standby deodorant, or faithful moisturizer that have stood by you longer than a grade school BFF. (I know y'all are raising your hands too).


Well I have 2 of those items I'm dying to share with you today!



ONE: Olay Ultra Moisture In Shower Body Lotion

I have to give all the credit for this miracle lotion to my sister Hannah (b/c she would force me too). But I've been using it since summer of 2016 and I wish I had discovered it sooner. Here's why. Have you ever found yourself putting on lotion post-shower? First of all, it takes forever (if your legs are as long a mine) but all is mostly well til you try to put leggings, pants, or tights on, and then look out, you've landed in the midst of a sticky, problematic fight to the death.

This lotion is applied as the last step of your showering process; it goes on smoothly and dries as you dry, leaving your skin soft but not sticky. Crisis averted! Seriously, this lotion is life changing.



TWO: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

The first time I used one of these makeup remover wipes, was the LAST time I ever thought about trying a different makeup remover. Not to be dramatic, but these wipes are a PRIZE. Soft, thorough, cleansing in a single swipe, and with a light, refreshing scent. Try these, for my sake. Please.

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Do you have any go-to, ol' faithful personal care staples? Please share with us in the comments!



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