Secrets to Transforming Water into Something You'll Actually Want to Drink


I'm notoriously bad at drinking water. It's because I don't like it.

You might say, "We're made of water-- how can you not like water?" Or "Water has no taste, what's not to like?"

I've gotten many such questions, to which I always respond, "It's boring! Water has no flavor and it bores me!"

Maybe I'm childish, maybe you don't have the same struggles I have, but regardless, you'll thank me for these secrets to transforming water into something you'll actually want to drink.

Secret 1: Look good, feel good (taste good!)

I drink water out of a glass tumbler because, pretty. (I have this one: cute, inexpensive, colorful, BPA-free) I find that presentation is key in upping appeal.


Secret 2: Infuse

I've tried several different infusions in my water. Some ingredients that work well: Lime, lemon, peach, strawberry, cucumber, apple. Herbs are also a great addition- I use primarily mint, basil, rosemary, and lavender.

The fun comes from combining different fruits/veggies and herbs! My FAVORITE combos are:

  • strawberry-basil
  • cucumber-mint
  • rosemary-apple
  • lavender-lemon

Secret 3: Change it Up

Get creative with your infusions! Experiment, change it up. Add tea bags and turn it into an infused sun tea. Mix in a little POM or another pure, 100% not from concentrate juice for a tart flavor. Keep it creative and have fun. (This will keep the boring at bay)

Bonus Tip: Sub-In Alternates

If you still need some variety (I often do), try alternate beverages. I'm the queen of carbonated water. La Croix (pamplemousse, coconut, cran-raspberry) and San Pellegrino (mineral water) are my stand-by's. Anything to keep the healthy habits a tantalizing treat!


Cheers to a more refreshed and hydrated you!

Do you have any go-to fruit infusion combos? Share with us below!


Xo, holl and lil