Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Body and Calm Your Mind?


Lilli, here!


You've heard us talk about Robin Long of The Balanced Life once before. If you'll recall, her passionate grace-over-guilt mentality and commitment to viewing health with a balanced perspective made her one of our top female influences when we started ARL. 


Now Robin is hosting a free 10-day workout challenge called Mind Body Pilates. It's FREE, 15-min a day, and is sure to strengthen you both physically and mentally. I've done it once before and found it incredibly beneficial in that it forced me to slow down once a day and calm my mind and focus on caring for my body. Now Holly and I are both signed up and we hope you will join with us in this challenge!


If you're interested in committing just 10-days to caring for your mental and physical health and establishing healthy habits, please join us! We'll be posting encouragement on IG stories along the way with the hashtag #ARLwellbeing and hope that you'll check in too. The challenge starts June 18. Don't miss it! :)



holl & lil