10 Foods You Need to Survive Whole30


As I panicked my way through Walmart the day before I started Whole30--exasperatedly throwing aside packets of bacon and bottles of salad dressing that somehow contained soy AND sugar--I thought to myself, "I wish I had a grocery list! A guide for all the Whole30 staples!!"



Well, I've put together a list for YOU filled with these said staples. These are the items that we COULD NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT on this crazy, 30 day lifestyle-changing adventure.


1) Eggs. I HOPE you like eggs. Because besides there being a whole section of recipes in the Whole30 cookbook devoted to eggs, these happy foods will serve you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Omelettes, poached eggs, hard boiled eggs as a midnight snack at work, eggs over easy on a sweet potato skillet--these are just a few of my favorite ways to eat eggs. And speaking of skillets...


2) Sweet Potatoes. BUY. THESE. IN. BULK. Honestly, these are the most versatile veggie. Baked sweet potatoes with melted ghee, sweet potato toast dolled up with cinnamon, sweet potato fries roasted in avocado oil... yum, you get the idea.


3) Almond butter. If you have a sweet tooth (like I most assuredly do), almond butter is going to be your "dessert" go-to. I like it mixed into unsweetened apple sauce, or as a dip to accompany apples and bananas. Packing protein as well as flavor, almond butter is an essential. (I like Trader Joe's No Salt Added AB. Wherever you buy it, just make sure they don't sneak in any added sugar!)


4) Avocados. Not to be a total millenial, but avocados are an essential. Their high healthy-fat content keeps you full and satisfied and also helps even out your blood sugar. We put them on omelettes, skillets, and salads mostly. And don't forget guac! We love throwing guac and compliant salsa on grass-fed beef patties. Mmm, who needs a bun when that baby's smothered in spicy guacomole?


5) Nuts. Not peanuts, but almonds, pistachios and cashews (I don't think I've even had a cashew before this diet- I'm obsessed!) make a great little snack when you're on the go.


6) Veggies. You can't go wrong in the produce section! Have fun and experiment here, try new things or stock up on those brussels you never get bored of. Our favorites are broccoli, zucchini and asparagus for roasting, onions for everything because they're delicious, and spinach for omelettes and salads.


7) Fruits. Again, for all the sweet toothed beauties out there... this one's for you. Watermelon and strawberries have been life saving for me. Also apples and bananas as companions for AB (as mentioned in #3).


8) MEAT. I would struggle with Whole30 as a veggie-only gal because meat is really a cornerstone of this diet. Chicken breast, steak, pork chops and chicken sausage have been our staples. Break out the grill or the cast iron skillet and go to town!


9) Bacon. Worthy of its own sub-heading. I had to go to four different grocery stores to find compliant bacon (most are cured in sugar), but when I found it, I STOCKED UP. Bacon is the magic ingredient in most whole30 recipes you'll find, so it's an essential. Also it's an essential because it's bacon and needs no justification.


10) Coffee. Stok Cold Brew is our obsession. I'm a half-and-half type of girl myself (obviously a no-no), but almond and coconut milk aren't half bad substitutions if you like a lil bit of cream in your coffee. Just don't add any sweetener or syrups!


Well that wraps up our list of Whole30 Staples. Hopefully this will help you bypass the panic stage. :) What are your healthy food go-to's? Share with us below!


Xo, holl & lil