(Selfless) Self Worth: Finding Value that Lasts



I know we all know the importance of self worth, I’m sure we’ve all struggled with self worth, and if you’re like me, you’ve wondered if there's a better way to view yourself than the up and down, all-over-the-place way that we so often feel about ourselves.


I want to look at self worth another way. What if finding our value has nothing to do with us at all? What if it’s not about seeing yourself as worthy because you are beautiful, unique, talented, successful, kind? What if you are not worthy on your own?


Let me share more of what I mean.

The self worth that we know of wants us to be confident and happy in who we are for no other reason than we deserve it, we are all that we need, we are enough. But are we really going to feel like enough when we put all our value in ourselves, in our own abilities, our looks?



What if we have a terrible hair day, a giant breakout on our face, gain more weight than our clothes allow, don't succeed as well as we know we can, have a season when it’s hard to look in the mirror? It seems near impossible to feel valuable in those moments.


Here’s what I've found. When I put my worth in myself (the way I look, the way I feel, the amount I succeed), it always falls short. I'm left feeling incomplete. Not necessarily better. Maybe more self-centered. Grasping at meaningless standards for myself.


What was that thing about a better way to see our value? That sounds pretty good right now.


Real, unchanging worth of self is not fulfilled in self at all. Selfless self worth— the kind that is not affected by the way you feel, does not fade with beauty, does not grow with the amount of times you tell yourself you’re happy with how you look today— a real understanding of worth is found in Jesus Christ and Him alone. 



We need to be humbled to see it. Our sense of worth and confidence grow when we understand that we are actually not worthy. We aren’t good enough. We mess up, we fail, we’re ugly inside. We aren’t worthy people on our own. 


Good news? In Christ, we are made worthy. God sees who you really are, who you really are on your worst day, yet He wants you. He says you are worth dying for. He says you are a precious child, fully known and fully wanted by the Creator of the universe.


Our value is because of Him. Through Him, in Him.

And that means, your value cannot change.

Your worth is set by the One who made you.

Knowing this truth, this is finding value that lasts.


He delights in you, friend. On the good days and the bad days, you are valuable. On the day you wanna take a million selfies, on the day you would rather just hide away from the whole world— just the same, you are beautiful and immeasurably loved.



My value is in the One who made me. And He frees from the battle to find my worth. I am a treasured child, a beautifully imperfect human, fully loved by a perfect God. 


That’s where true worth and confidence come from— in knowing that no matter what you do, you will never be looked at differently by God. It's about seeing yourself the way He sees you.

It is not about you. There is something so freeing about that.




Raise a hand if you too are on the daily journey to see yourself and your value the way God sees! 


Xo, holl & lil

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