5 Pretty Planners for the Dreamers and the Goal Setters


If you haven’t yet, its time to get a planner that makes you excited not only to stay organized, but to set goals and make plans. While it’s ever so handy to use my phone as a calendar and note-book, writing things down the good old-fashioned way has always felt right to me. It keeps me inspired to take notes, dream, stay on schedule. And nothing makes me feel quite as accomplished as seeing what I’ve done the past week written out and checked off in a pretty book.


If you are in the market for a new planner, here are my top picks for the prettiest, most organization-friendly planners. I recently purchased one of these and I’m so happy I did. If you can’t tell, I’m into pinks and florals and stickers.

And don’t worry, it’s still the perfect time to start an academic planner. All planners listed are August 2018 - December 2019 or August 2018 - August 2019, giving you the option to start right now!

Ban.do is one of my favorite brands right now. They are fun and colorful and just know what’s up. Their planners are filled with artwork, encouraging phrases, and a few pages of trendy stickers. They also have colored monthly tabs, and plenty of room to write notes and set goals each month! I love the option to choose from bound or spiral and the small, medium, or large format for most of their planners. Their planners range from $20-$32.

Anthropologie has the best eye for minimal, gorgeous art, and their selection of planners is no different. These are two of my favorite planners that they carry. Gold foil for daysssssss. I love these cover designs, but I also love all the room given inside to write and plan. Both books have tabs each month for quick navigation. These range from $24-$34.

Rifle Paper Co. is known for their floral prints and whimsical style, and they also have some of the loveliest planners out there. Their planners have beautifully scripted inspirational quotes, space for notes and contacts, and even include three pages of their adorable stickers! This planner is a larger format, a nice option for those who like to write more. Their hard cover planners range from $30-$34.

If you’re like me and have been questioning whether or not you’ll be able to follow through with a whole planner, I believe in you! Let’s do it together. Keep it where you can see it on a daily basis, take it with you to work or school, have it ready when you’re planning your next girls’ night. And when this time comes next year, you’ll be able to look back through your planner and see how far you’ve come!

I hope this inspires you to follow your planning dreams, friend!

Let us know in the comments, are you a planner kind of girl too?


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