our story


Welcome, friends!

We are Holly & Lilli, best friends and intentional-living enthusiasts, and this is our story.

One rainy Tuesday morning, we sat down together over coffee and cinnamon rolls and created our vision for a new project. Sparked by both frustration and appreciation for the different messages endlessly broadcasted on social media, we imagined a new space, a safe place where we could filter out the negative and the divisive, and cultivate a sisterhood of inspiration and intentionality.

Here at a re.styled life, we are passionate about encouraging our sisters to see beauty right where they are.

We refuse to let a day pass without really living it, breathing it.

We pursue a lifestyle of contentment through gratitude.

We take no part in comparison and judgment, opting instead for unity and selfless self-confidence.  

We celebrate the joys of being women without belittling the value of men.

We are ex-perfectionists, living in freedom and pursuing balanced health and wellness.

We seek joy and speak life. Ladies supporting ladies.

We are a re.styled life.